John Blackwood



My most recent areas of expertise are:-

  1. Overseeing the operational forecasting and ship routing aspects of a global operation;
  2. Completion of reports in response to a wide range of customer requests from simple climatology studies to reports to arbitration proceedings and close liaison with solicitors, Q.C.s and the other expert witnesses involved;
  3. Aiding ship routing clients in disputes involving speed and consumption, demurrage, unsafe berth issues etc.
  4. Appearing in court in support of reports done on shipping and civil incidents at arbitration and court level. Appearing at Arbitrations and the Commercial Court in London as well as several other courts/enquiries.

In addition to the main forensic reports I have done many other full reports for non-legal clients and also other reports for possible arbitration. I have been involved in many hundreds of speed and consumption disputes between owners and charterers.


Aerospace & Marine International (UK) – Forensic & Science Manager
Oceanroutes latterly WNI Oceanroutes – Aberdeen
UK Meteorological Office